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Louis Quatorze.JPG

Louis IV (2017)

Selfie Portrait.JPG

Selfie Portrait (2017)

Advent ca_1950.JPG

Advent, ca. 1950 (2018)

Nude on Red Couch.JPG

Nude on a red couch (2018)

Patron St Bacchus.JPG

Patron Saint Bacchus (2018)

Mon Pere.JPG

Mon Pere (2018)

Gnarly Old Tree (2).jpg

A Gnarly Old Tree (2018)

Innocence Surrendered.jpg

Innocence Surrendered (2018)

Very Still Life.JPG

Very Still Life (2018)

Rape of GanymedeR.JPG

The Rape of Ganymede (2018)

Drag Sibyl.jpg

Drag Sibyl (2018)

Waiting in the Wings.jpg
Fat Chance.jpg

Fat Chance (2019)

Waiting in the Wings (2018)

Samo is ^NOT Dead (2019)

This Kid.jpg

In Exhibition

This Kid (2019)

Mi Hermano.jpg

Mi Hermano (2019)

Mi Abuela.jpg

Mi Abuela (2019)

Smokin' Lady (2019)

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Smokin' Lady.jpg